Free Chat Room With No Registration for Your Business Website

A chat room with no registration is an incredible tool that websites should explore. For years, chat rooms embedded on websites have been used by business websites to retain visitors, improve bounce rates and achieve great exposure and customer loyalty. What’s great about these tools is that they are usually free to use, and to get their widgets installed on a website usually requires no registration.

Free chat rooms for websites are excellent tools to get visitors engaged and interested. They are, however, not intended to replace social media tools that today are dominating the internet. Facebook and Twitter tools will still be used by hundreds of thousands of websites as a way for them to get found, but a chat room with no registration can be used to complement whatever Internet marketing campaigns websites are currently into such as Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing.

Onsite chat rooms can be used to get visitors to communicate in a very engaging way. In fact, these tools are excellent utilities to be used so people can chat in real-time, providing a means for site visitors to engage in a more lively way, thus adding value to website visitor’s web experience.

A live chat widget can also be used to greatly improve a site’s bounce rate. SEO professionals know that bounce rate is a search engine ranking factor. A high bounce rate, say upwards of 50 percent, indicates that a site is not very relevant to a visitor’s search terms. That is not very good to the search engines, and it can actually get you ranked lower on search rankings. To remedy this, sites should make sure to always provide very relevant contents, and to further bring bounce rates down, a chat room with no registration can be used to make a site a lot stickier, making visitors stay longer while they engage in lively conversations with each other.

Another benefit that a live chatting tool offers to websites is that it provides websites with additional exposure. Some of today’s live chatting tools employ a unique networking technology that links together websites of the same category or topic. What it does is that it drives very highly targeted traffic to sites coming from users of the sites from the same category.